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Modular toilets ready to instal wherever you want!!

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Modular toilets ready to fit!!!

June 18, 2012

Manufacture Toilets, not construct!

As shown in a recently held National seminar for toilets, 70 crores  of Indian citizens defecate in open air!!!

If we consider that a family of 4 need a toilet, providing at least ONE PERCENT of that volume into reality, we should target making 70 lakh toilets immediately to cater the sanitation needs of our country !

By conventional brick & mortar technique, with manual masonry can we really achieve even that ONE PERCENT of the needed toilets?

Instead of focusing on methodology and man power which would not make us go anywhere close to our target, we considered manufacturing 'modular toilets' not construct toilets, which can be erected in any place.

We in custom parts online always strive to look into the end user's need and make products, than make any product and find hard to sell.

We are working on making the whole set of things, below and above the earth level, the upper super structure as well as the leach or soak pits also ready made.

One has to dig out the earth and then fit this toilet and the whole operation may be completed in a matter of few hours!!!

Yes, true.

Abroad, even in a home construction site they leave a mobile toilet for workers, replaced every few days!

But in Chennai city many houses go with out toilets. And the leaching or soak pitting concept is also not well implemented! In places like Madipakkam in Chennai, outfolow from toilets is simply let out in the open! This part of your project if well prmoted also will find a good market.

The problem is, people are ready to spend any amount for entertainment, but for such concepts and other energy saving ideas they turn a blind eye!


Mr. Chandra - a good action in deed. Can you send more details on this. With the help of some friends, we want to provide toilets in govt. Schools - J Srinivasa Rao, Vajra Automation


Dear Srinivas Rao,
Nice to hear from you! Sure, how is the area in which you are planning to fix the toilets? If the water table is high, we would fix a dry toilet model, if the area has hard earth and water table down the normal level, we can go for soak pits. Please indicate how many toilets you plan, or write back to me, we can fix both cost/ time.


very simple model - looks great. affordable, and sanitary!! Good for you!



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